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4 Myths Homeowners Have About Selling Their House to a Cash Home Buyer in Florida

Selling a home should be a simple process. Homeowners often have misconceptions about the differences in selling to a cash home buyer like myself or selling your house with an agent. Some of these misconceptions can cause them to delay and get stuck. There are a billion cash home buyers out there. How do you know which ones to trust? How do you pick one to actually work with? In this blog, we will discuss common myths homeowners have about selling their homes to a cash home buyer and how it can actually save them time and money in certain situations!

Myth Number 1: I need to make costly repairs before selling my house in Florida

Many homeowners believe they need to make costly repairs to their homes before selling. However, this is not always the case. Particular Properties purchases homes as-is, which means homeowners do not need to spend money on repairs or renovations. This can save them thousands of dollars. We’ve bought homes that had massive holes in the roof, homes that have been burned by fire, mold up the walls, water damage, and much more. Repairs don’t scare us!

Myth Number 2: I have a ton of liens owed on my property. How does this affect my sale?

There are several different types of liens a property can have. There are county level liens, state level liens, and even federal level liens. The higher you go the trickier it can be, but not always. You also have utility liens, mortgage liens, contractor liens etc. The liens are almost endless! When a property goes to sale you always want to use a respected title company and they will conduct a liens search for you. This cost is typically paid for by the buyer. If any liens come up these usually get paid out at the closing table and deducted from the sale price.

Myth Number 3: Selling my house is going to take a long time.

One benefit with a cash home buyers is that they can typically close in the matter of weeks! This is a huge time saver! Often times when you sell your house with an realtor the average days on the market are 60-90+ days. This accounts for showings, negotiations, inspections, financing, etc. Here at Particular Properties we can purchase homes in as little as 7 days. It typically takes title 7-15 days to be complete. Once title is cleared the closing is on its way! This speed is such a life saver for those sellers that just need to sell their house fast for whatever reason!

Myth Number 4: I have to pay a commission.

Particular Properties collects zero commission from it’s sellers. Selling to a cash home buyer should cost you nothing! That’s just another perk! Selling your house with a realtor can cost you between 2-6% of the sales price! That’s a huge chunk of savings for you! We’d love to crunch the numbers with you. Bring us your house and we can compare selling your house to cash home buyer vs. selling your house with a realtor. This is the power of knowledge and how we help our clients make the right decisions for them and their family!

Selling Your House to a Cash Home Buyer in Florida 

Selling directly to Particular Properties can save homeowners time and money by eliminating the nasty headaches of repairs, commissions, staging, marketing, and negotiations. Additionally, Particular Properties can purchase homes quickly and in that as-is condition, which can save homeowners time and eliminate the stress of a lengthy sales process. For homeowners in Florida, selling directly to Particular Properties can be a smart and financially beneficial choice. To find out if this solution is right for you, reach out to our team at 407-721-6898. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and there is never any cost, hassle, or obligation and we never sell your information.

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