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Sell My House Fast!

This phrase is probably the most frequent request I get. “I need to sell my house fast because…” and the reasons are endless. Divorce, foreclosure, moving, inheritance, liens, etc. First, what does it mean when a homeowner says that? What is “fast“? Well lets take a moment to compare. Cash home buyers typically can close in as little as 7 days and up to about 15 days. That’s fast! If you place your home on the market and sell with a realtor the closing time can be anywhere from 30 -90 days. If the buyer is paying cash it’s a lot quicker. If they are buying with bank it takes a little longer. So back to selling your house fast- here at Particular Properties we get that owners need to sell quickly, but to formulate the best plan -We also need to know what is the most important outcome? Do you need need to sell your house for cash? Or is speed more important? Do you have liens on the property? Are there tenants living in the home? Maybe you simply can’t afford the mortgage payment anymore? What if you have a laundry list of repairs that need done? And you don’t have the funds to complete them all? That’s ok!! All are scenarios we work with on a daily basis. Together we got this!
Each client that reaches out to us has a story. Our job is to help guide our clients to a solution that benefits them!

Some clients that come to us don’t mind waiting and want to sell at market price. Selling your house with a realtor would make more sense in this situation.

We help owners that are going through all kinds of troubles. Once we figure out what the owner needs we then structure the deal around that. With the information in your hands- you are in control and can make a solid decision that is beneficial to you and your family. Its how house selling should be!

Still need help? Visit How It Works or Call us today and let us help untangle your situation and map out a specific plan for you!


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Jessica is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida. She has been buying and selling real estate since 2006. She is an investor at heart. Specializing in Tax delinquents, foreclosures, and creative financing. All publications are opinion based formed by experience. If you are seeking tax or legal advice it is recommended that you contact a licensed CPA and/or Attorney for your specific needs. If you’d like to learn more about how Particular Properties can help you please click button below!

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