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Sell My Fire Damaged House Florida

Sell Your Fire Damaged House in Florida 

Every 24 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States. Although fires have decreased significantly since the 1970’s, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that 356,500 home structure fires occurred in 2020, with an estimate of over $8.4 billion in property damage*. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a fire that caused major damage to your property moving on may be an important next step in your healing process, but selling a house in Florida with fire damage may seem like too big of a challenge after dealing with such a traumatic event.

We’ve walked so many fire damaged properties in our career. These houses hit me harder than any other kind of situation we deal with. Its devastating to walk the ruins of family’s belongings. Most of the houses we have been in the owners never even come back to salvage any of their things. Clothes, pictures, stuffed animals, everything they practically own charcoaled and burnt to a crisp.

How To Sell a Fire Damaged House?

When a house fire causes only minimal damage that is mainly cosmetic, a realtor may tell you to slap some paint on the damage and call it good. But before you do that, consider the legal repercussions. Potential buyers will need to be told about any fire, smoke, and flooding damage that occurred in your home, and a specialized inspection might be requested to ensure that the damage was properly taken care of and is move-in ready. Always seek advice from an experienced and licensed attorney. It may cost you a little up front, but it’s always better to play it right, play it safe, and be ethical.

For other homeowners, selling a house with a traditional agent “as-is” might not be possible due to the extent of the damage caused by the fire. Fire, smoke, and water can take a toll on the structural integrity of your home, and the safety of the property must be considered when deciding how to deal with repairs before the property is put up for sale. If the cost of the repairs is too much for your situation, a direct cash home buyer like Particular Properties might be the right option for you. Some of the properties we have walked were burnt so bad they needed bulldozed. So they only could sell for land value. Others, were burnt down to studs.

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Restore Or Sell As-Is?

When selling a fire damaged home or property, Florida homeowners have two options:  restoring the property to its previous condition or sell their home “as-is” to a cash buyer. While selling your house for the most money possible with an experienced agent may sound like the ideal, the reality is that you’ll have to wait months for a contractor with experience in the restoration of fire damaged homes to start on the repairs. And lets not forget insurance. Insurance is often time the main factor for delay in repairs. We’ve also seen it where the owners have redeemed their insurance check and have run off in to the sunset!

So once the restoration is complete, you may have to wait even longer for the city to find time to inspect the property for code violations. If they find any, that’s more time waiting for your contractor to do what’s necessary to bring the house up to code before the city finally gives your property the okay. 

Between repairs, insurance, inspections, and your local area’s licensing and code requirements, you could find yourself spending a lot more money and time on a fire damaged house without much of a return from the final sale. Even if your policy covers the repairs for all of the damage, your insurance company still may decide they don’t have to cover the costs of any alternative housing  as you wait for the repairs to be completed and your home to be able to be lived in. 

For many homeowners, the amount of money they’re forced to spend out-of-pocket just isn’t viable. If this sounds familiar, a fast and straightforward solution for selling your fire damaged home might be the best option for you.

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Tips For Selling a House with Fire Damage in Florida

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  • Explore Your Selling Options 

Did you recently suffer a fire and now you want to know your options for selling a fire damaged home or property? Whether you’re thinking about skipping the hassle and stress by selling your property as-is to a direct home buyer, or you have the money and time to restore your home to sell it with a traditional real estate agent after the repairs are complete but you’re not sure you want to wait that long, learn about the pros and cons of your selling options below.

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  • Clean & Restore The Home 

If your house suffered major damage after a fire, spending the time and money to restore it can seem like a challenge that you don’t have the energy to face after everything you’ve been through. Dealing with the tragedy of losing your home and everything in it can take a huge emotional toll on you. Not everyone can handle the stress and burden of building back; however, when you consider the potential financial benefits of restoring a fire damaged property to make it ready to sell, for some homeowners the final sales price can be worth the effort. When you clean a property and do the necessary repairs to restore it after severe fire and water damage, you can maximize the house’s market value and sell it for the most money possible in your area. By putting a property on the market that is “move-in ready”, you drastically increase the number of potential buyers as well as increasing the chance of a bidding war that could drive up the final sale price of your home. With the right agent at your side, you will have the contacts to reach other agents before your house is even on the MLS. This can reduce the time your property is on the market and give your home a better chance at selling fast.

The difficulties of trying to restore a damaged house to make it market ready is a steep hill for many homeowners. Because you must disclose to all potential buyers that the house went through a fire, this information could affect the speed and price of your sale . Many buyers are leery when they hear “fire damage” and might pass on even looking at the house, even though you’ve spent a lot of time and money to have it restored. The property could sit on the market for a while, and the holding costs come out of your pocket during this waiting period. If the market shifts and house prices drop, there’s a good chance that all the money you invested will go out the window, leaving you with more debt than you would have had if you had worked with a real estate investor and direct home buyer that specializes in damaged properties.

  • Repairing A Fire Damaged Home 

Homeowners that do complete all of the expensive repairs and upgrades needed for the safety of the next occupant might also be making their Florida property less attractive to investors. Direct home buyers and real estate investors are looking to purchase properties at a discount so they can restore the homes themselves and sell them for a profit at a later date. Most investors need to know the work was done right the first time and is up to code. They have their own list of professional cleaners and experienced contractors they work with that they know have years of experience dealing with smoke, water, and fire damaged homes. Plus, because of their connections, they don’t have to wait for months for repairs like a regular homeowner would. Companies with experience in major restorations like Particular Properties can get the repairs done quickly and to their specifications before turning the house over to sell at a profit at a later date.

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  • Disclosing Fire Damage To Potential Buyers

When you sell to a cash home buyer with experience in fire damaged homes, you won’t need the funds to pay out-of-pocket for repairs of any water, smoke, and fire damage. There are even real estate investors who are specifically interested in buying fire-damaged houses in Florida. Like us! We’ve walked hundreds of fire burned homes. Some we have passed on and some we have bought. Every time we walk one we learn something new. Whether it be electrical, plumbing, or learning about county restrictions on the parcel! There is always something that gives back. We certainly dont know it all, however, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with whatever damage we might find during the restoration process, and we are happy to work with you to close as quickly as you need so you can move on with your life. With a direct cash home buyer like Particular Properties you won’t need to deal with traditional bank financing or a mortgage lender for your damaged Florida area property. We use our own cash to purchase investment properties, so we can close as quickly as you need!

But there are also cons when it comes to selling a house directly to a cash home buyer as-is. With an investor or direct buyer, you’re not going to get the full market value for your house like you would if you restored it and sold it through a traditional agent. The pool of potential buyers who purchase fire damaged houses is small, leaving less room to negotiate the selling price. This could cause you to lose out on a potentially larger return on the sale of your property at a later date if you had spent the time and money to restore it.

In the end, it’s only you that can decide which option is right for you. Would you rather leave the stress and hassle to a professional like Particular Properties , or do you have the time, money, and energy to complete all the necessary repairs to make your house safe for a potential buyer at a later date?

Can You Sell a House with Fire Damage As-Is?

Yes, you can! With a direct cash home buyer you will:

  • Never have to spend any money for inspections and repairs.
  • Save yourself hours of time and stress by selling directly to Particular Properties . We’ll handle it for you!
  • You won’t be on the hook when the house is sold to a traditional buyer. Once you sell the property to us, it’s our problem to deal with.
Sell My Fire Damaged House Florida

The Quickest Way to Sell a House After a Fire

Sell Your House to A Cash Home Buyer!

Rather not worry about the hassle of restoring a property that was damaged in a fire? Prefer for someone else to deal with the stress of managing contractors day in and day out while you are trying to put the pieces of your life back together? Then you’ll want to consider selling your house to a trusted and reliable direct home buyer. You might not get full retail value for your property in Florida but you also won’t have to deal with a single repair.

Working with a Real Estate Agent

Selling your Florida home for the most money possible in the current market isn’t impossible if you’re willing to pay for repairs and upgrades to bring your house up to code. If you have the time to wait for contractors and repairs to complete the necessary work, make sure that you’ll get the money you put into the house back at the final sale. Your agent’s commission, closing costs, inspections, and anything the buyer requests be changed before close will come directly out of your pocket.

Selling Your Fire Damaged House For Sale By Owner

Prefer to save a bit of money on commissions and sell your house yourself (FSBO)? Florida has strict rules about fire disclosure when you are selling a house or rental property. You (and your pocketbook) will be on the line to make sure that you meet those legal requirements, as well as ensuring all of the paperwork is done properly before closing. If any of these steps are missed, you could be liable.

Common Questions That Buyers May Have For Your Fire Damaged Property

  1. What caused the fire?: Buyers will want to know the cause of the fire to assess the risk of future incidents and understand the extent of the damage.
  2. How extensive is the damage?: Buyers will want details about the extent of the damage to determine the scope of repairs needed and the associated costs. They typically will ask you what you have or plan to repair.
  3. Is the structure of the house compromised?: Buyers will want to know if the fire has compromised the structural integrity of the house and whether it is safe to inhabit. If repairs have been done via a licensed contractor, the certificate of occupancy will want to be seen, along with any engineering reports.
  4. What repairs have been made?: Buyers will want to know what repairs have already been made to the property and whether any permits were required.
  5. Are there any hidden damages?: Buyers will inquire about any hidden damages that may not be immediately apparent, such as smoke damage or damage to electrical or plumbing systems.
  6. Has the property been inspected?: Buyers may ask if the property has been inspected by a qualified professional to assess the extent of the damage and the safety of the structure.
  7. Are there any insurance claims or liens on the property?: Buyers will want to know if there are any outstanding insurance claims or liens on the property related to the fire damage.
  8. What are the repair estimates?: Buyers will inquire about the estimated cost of repairs needed to restore the property to a habitable condition. Typically they will only ask this if the repairs haven’t been made. When you sell your property to Particular Properties will can perform our own estimates.
  9. Are there any health or environmental concerns?: Buyers may ask about any health hazards or environmental concerns associated with the fire damage, such as asbestos or mold. For Asbestos information click here.
  10. Are there any legal disclosures required?: Sellers may need to disclose certain information about the fire damage and repairs to comply with legal requirements and protect themselves from future liability.

It’s essential for sellers to be transparent with information about the fire damage when selling a property to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction and to build trust with potential buyers. Working with experienced real estate agents or professionals like Particular Properties who specialize in selling fire-damaged properties can also be beneficial in addressing buyers’ concerns and navigating the sales process effectively.

Sell Your Fire Damaged House Today!

After a home fire, one of the most important actions to take is assessing the damage to the property as soon as safely possible. You’ll need to consider any structural damage that might have been caused by not only the fire, but also smoke and water. When you start a claim with your insurance company, they’ll send out a professional insurance adjuster to have the property inspected. Your insurance adjuster will assess the extent of the damage and decide what insurance will – and won’t – cover.

It’s at this point in the process that Florida area homeowners that have suffered such a traumatic event can be doubly stunned when they discover their insurance won’t cover all of the costs of repairing their home. For those homeowners with less than stellar policies, they might not be able to afford (or don’t want to pay out-of-pocket) the cost of a professional cleanup and repair. If this sounds familiar, selling your fire damaged home directly to a direct cash home buyer or real estate investor like Particular Properties might be the best option for you!

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Summary on How to Sell Your Fire Damaged House

Selling a fire-damaged summary:

  1. Contact your Insurance: First things first. Let your insurance provider know about the fire. They will send out an agent asap to get pictures and access the damage. I also recommend owners take their own videos of the damage for their records.
  2. Assess the Damage: Before listing or advertising the property for sale, thoroughly evaluate the extent of the fire damage. Determine what is salvageable and what needs repair or replacement. This will help you set a realistic price and inform potential buyers.
  3. Consult Professionals: Seek advice from professionals such as real estate agents, contractors, and possibly fire damage restoration specialists. They can provide insights into the market value of the property and the cost of repairs.
  4. Disclose Information: It’s crucial to be transparent about the fire damage when selling the house. Disclose the details to potential buyers upfront to build trust and avoid legal issues later on.
  5. Consider Renovations: Depending on the extent of the damage, consider investing in renovations to improve the property’s appeal. Focus on repairing structural damage, replacing damaged fixtures, and enhancing curb appeal.
  6. Price Appropriately: Set a competitive price for the property based on its condition, location, and market trends. Be prepared to negotiate with buyers, especially if the damage is significant.
  7. Highlight Potential: Emphasize any positive aspects of the property, such as its location, size, or unique features, to attract buyers despite the fire damage.
  8. Market Effectively: Use various marketing channels to reach potential buyers, including online listings, social media, and real estate agents. Consider staging the property or investing in professional photography to showcase its potential.
  9. Be Flexible: Selling a fire-damaged house may take longer than selling a typical property. Be patient and open to negotiating terms with potential buyers.
  10. Explore Selling As-Is: If you’re unable or unwilling to invest in repairs, you may consider selling the house “as-is.” This means selling the property in its current condition, with the buyer assuming responsibility for any necessary repairs. Particular Properties buys fire damaged homes! Reach out to us today so we can help!
  11. Seek Legal Advice: Consult with a real estate attorney to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and protect your interests throughout the selling process.

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Jessica is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida. She has been buying and selling real estate since 2006. She is an investor at heart. Specializing in Tax delinquents, foreclosures, and creative financing. All publications are opinion based formed by experience. If you are seeking tax or legal advice it is recommended that you contact a licensed CPA and/or Attorney for your specific needs. If you’d like to learn more about how Particular Properties can help you please click button below!